New Construction


No home is complete without a proper functioning and reliable heating and air conditioning system. Whether you have a newly constructed home or are in the planning stages of a build, Wm. Masters can provide the right solution and ensure it’s installed properly.

Finding that perfect solution goes deeper than just finding a reliable heating and air conditioning system. It needs to be efficient. We specialize in high-efficiency HVAC systems that are environmentally and cost friendly, lowering future utility bills.

Our systems allow you to have individual thermostats on each floor or room of your home, and we have cutting-edge geothermal systems as well.

Call us today to learn about what’s available for your home and to get our professional advice on what will best fit your new construction!


Whether you're a general contractor or building owner, our HVAC construction team can provide you with a variety of services, including design build services, plan and spec. proposals, custom fabrication, and much more.

We have team members with over 20 years experience working on HVAC construction projects, so needless to say, we are one of the most experienced and skilled providers in Illinois. See what sets us apart today.

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For non-emergencies, submit a service request.